(TruthSeekerDaily)  Animal shelters around the world are full of lonely pets desperately seeking a loving home and human companionship.  Similarly, people today are overworked, stressed, unhappy, and tend to not get outside enough to re-charge and reverse some of these mindsets.  As much as pets need us, we actually need them to, which is exactly the sentiment shared by one animal shelter who formulated a brilliant idea.

Instead of trying to encourage people to save the lives of dogs,  The Lost Dogs Home of Australia launched the “Human Walking Program,” hoping to save people from their cubicles and homes.  This campaign encourages dogs to save the lives of office workers and “walk them” on their break.  Rather than sitting inside all day, the shelter wants people to go on a walk with some friendly dogs, and they just so happen to have some super special ones.

The program was an all around success!  Those homeless shelter dogs helped get thousands of office workers to leave their desks and spend their breaks enjoying themselves outside.  The dogs probably didn’t mind it much either…


Everyday these humans wasted hours sitting in a box…not getting the love or attention they needed.ddogs1

So these adoptable dogs took them for a walk.dogs2

The humans saved these dogs…and the dogs saved the humans.dogs3


Thousands of dogs and humans found happiness through this campaign. Watch the video below to see how this amazing idea came to be:

Thanks to one Australian shelter, 5,000 office workers and 5,000 different dogs were saved.  The next time you visit a dog rescue, don’t think just about saving the dogs.  These joyful animals can save you too. 

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This is an amazing perspective.  What else can be achieved if we reverse our thought from what we’ve always known or done, but isn’t working?  Share this to start the conversation and change the thought process.