(TruthSeekerDaily)  Turkish artist Hasan Kale is so committed to his craft, creating art on surfaces you would never imagine were possible.  His creative canvases are extra unique in that they are tiny, yet that does not stop him from painting a miniature masterpiece. Chocolate, peanut shells, the skin of an onion–there doesn’t seem to be anything he can’t paint on. The detail Kale puts into his landscapes would be impressive at any size. The fact that he does so on such a small scale just makes it an even bigger accomplishment.

Check out these micro masterpieces!

1. ChocolatePaint1

2. Onion SkinPaint2

3. M&MPaint3

4. AlmondPaint4

5. Banana ChipPaint5

6. EggPaint6

7. BreadstickPaint7

8. Peanut ShellPaint8

h/t: [ Colossal ]

The steady hand and patience this artist must have is unimaginable, as well as his eyesight to focus for that time on such intricate details  The end result of the endeavor is beyond impressive.  The capabilities of the creative imagination never ceases to impress.

What’s even more impressive about these pieces is that he was able to finish them before his hunger got the best of him. I know I would have gone through bar after bar of barely brushed chocolate bars before I could even come close to completing a landscape.

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