(TruthSeekerDaily)  There is an illicit drug out on the market which is by far the scariest substance available, called Scopolamine.  It can be administered to the unknowing individual by simply walking by someone or reading directions off a piece of paper.  Once the victim has ingested the drug, even in just a small amount, they are at the whim of other people, doing as they say, having no inhibitions or ability to make decisions, all while looking, feeling, and acting otherwise normal.  This drug is most popular and rampant in the narcotics capitol of the world, Columbia, where it also grows naturally.  This drug is the perfect weapon for those that wish to harm you.  You will do whatever they ask, seemingly collaborate with them, then have no memory of doing any of it or who gave you the drug, therefor making it impossible to report.  The victim is basically acting in a hypnotized sense.  It’s also unpredictably lethal.

The following short, but vital video documentary talks about the details of this drug and the growing problem with it in Columbia.  Please be aware that there is some potentially offensive language in the film, but should not distract from the important information it provides.  An American host travels to Bogota, Columbia to get to the heart of the matter, which reveals some frightening truths.  You will also see first hand accounts of people that were victimized from scopolamine.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people by happen chance, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  However, many times we invite negative elements, circumstances, and people into our lives in a slow degenerative process.  One somewhat bad decision can lead to another bad decision, each one getting progressively worse, if never realized and corrected.  It’s important to be intentional about who and what you surround yourself with.  People’s energy, habits, choices, lifestyles, everything rub off on you for the good or the bad.  Essentially, one becomes who they surround themselves with and inadvertently invites negativity into their lives if they aren’t conscious about making these decisions.  It’s starts with controlling the people and influences in your personal world so that ultimately you don’t lose that control by having gone down the wrong road.

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This is an important message about a dangerous drug that needs to gain awareness.  There is also a moral to this story on life that is incredibly relevant to all people.  Please share.