(TruthSeekerDaily)  An epileptic girl’s loyal service dog who attended school with the student everyday, earned his rightful place in the school’s yearbook.  His picture appeared next to the girl’s as a perfect tribute to her caring companion.

Rachel Benke, is a seventh grade student from San Antonio, Texas, who was born with epilepsy.  Her disease had a terrible effect on her physically until she was six years old, and received two brain surgeries which brought about a lot of improvement.

Four years ago, Rachel received a half lab, half golden retriever she named Taxi.  Although Rachel had been afraid of animals, as soon as the two met she instantly hugged him and they have been a team ever since.  From that day forward, Taxi has been the perfect service dog for Rachel, despite the fact that he never completed training to do so.

Their connection is so real that he was able to detect Rachel’s imminent seizure while on campus at her school.  As he started to approach her, she began a grand mal seizure.  Taxi remained at her side during the ordeal, not letting anyone near her until paramedics arrived.

Due to all his time attending school with Rachel, Taxi became a fixture there, so administrators thought it seemed only natural to allow him a spot in the yearbook next to his companion’s picture.

h/t: [ KENS 5 San Antonio ]