(TruthSeekerDaily)  The miracle of birth is such a beautiful event, made all the more unique when it’s a birth of multiples.  However, one set of twins born at Tufts Medical Center in Massachusetts recently is so extraordinary that it comes close to setting a record.  The twins were born over three weeks apart.

The DaSilva’s welcomed their twin boys Alexandre and Ronaldo to the world weeks apart.  The mother, Linda, went into labor at only five months into her pregnancy, causing her and her husband a great deal of fear since it was dangerously premature. Doctors were not able to cease her contractions and an eager Alexandre was born, prematurely, four days later.

“We were praying to hear his cry, and we did,” DaSilva said. “And it was a relief because we knew there was a 50% chance of not surviving.”

Alexandre was immediately placed in intensive care, while doctors did what they could to keep Ronaldo in Linda’s womb for as long as possible.  This would allow the developing infant to grow and increase his survival rate after birth.  The parents were shocked at the Doctor’s notion, thinking that it was not possible to keep him in utero after the other baby was born.

Miraculously, DaSilva managed to nurture Ronaldo inside of her for another 24 days. At the time he was born, he weighed a whopping one pound more than his twin, which is a lot when it comes to their small sizes.

According to the family’s Doctors, the separate births are remarkable not only because of the time in between their births, but also because both premature babies are in good health.

“This was unique in many ways, including that both twins are doing well,” said Sabrina Craigo, Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Tufts.

To date, the record for the longest gap between twin births is 87 days, a record that was set in 2013, when one twin was born in June and the other not unil August.

The longer an infant stays in gestation, in the comfort of the mother’s room, the better it is for the health of the child.

“We try to tell moms be grateful for every day you’re still pregnant and we can get you as far along as we possibly can,” Dr. Geis said, one of the doctors who delivered the DaSilva babies

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These miracle babies must have a fighting spirit and a lot to accomplish here on this earth, as is proof by the way they entered this world, overcoming all odds.