(TruthSeekerDaily)  Rowden Go, 29, was engaged to be married to the woman of his dreams.  The two eagerly anticipated the approaching wedding when they could be joined together for the rest of their days.  They had worked on plans for the nuptials, but then something happened they never saw coming and certainly weren’t planning on.  Rowden was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer.  The prognosis for the aggressive cancer was not optimistic…but before he passed, it was important to him to follow through on his promise of commitment he made to his  fianceé.

With a lot of help from family and friends, including the couples’ 2-year-old daughter, his hospital room transformed into a wedding chapel.

You’re gonna want to grab a tissue before clicking play on this one. Actually, you should probably go ahead and grab the whole box.

Rowden made his bride proud with his bravery and true love.  Just ten hours after the beautiful ceremony he passed, leaving this life with a lot of love.

h/t: [ YouTube ]

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