(TruthSeekerDaily)  A purring sound coming from a vehicle often indicates a well running engine, music to many men’s ears.  But when one Florida man heard a different kind of purring coming his truck, he investigated the noise and was shocked to find a small kitten trapped inside the body of his pickup truck.  He went to great lengths to rescue it, causing extensive damage to his vehicle.  The kitten is safe and sound nowpeople online raised money to help him have his truck repaired

The truck owner-turned hero, Errand Frazier, says his pickup truck was parked outside of his home last month when he suddenly heard a purring noise coming from inside.  Using some quick thinking, he grabbed some metal cutters to pull back the frame of the truck and look inside, and when he did, he was shocked to see a kitten trapped inside.

“I said, ‘Oh Lord, what am I going to do,’” said 50-year-old Frazier. “I seen this little rascal peeking at me. I said, ‘What in the world? You hitched a ride!’”

Initially Frazier attempted to get the kitten out on his tight truck spot on his own, but quickly realized he couldn’t do it by himself.  At this point he decided to seek help from the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County.

“I said, ‘Ma’am, there’s a kitten that hitchhiked from my home and I can’t get it,’” said Frazier. “She said, ‘Man, you did a job on your truck.’”

A few individuals from the humane society quickly came alongside Frazier to rescue the kitten, and with a team effort, they were finally able to get the furry friend out. One week later, Frazier was reunited with the kitten.

Many online and at the The Humane Society took notice of Frazier’s heroic efforts and went on to set up a fund to help Frazier pay for repairs for his truck.  After raising enough to cover the damages from the rescue, the extra funds are now going towards helping other animals.

h/t: [ Humane Society ]