(TruthSeekerDaily)  Deep in the Oregon woods is a parked Boeing 727, it’s not lost, it didn’t crash, and it has a perfectly legitimate, although unique, reason for being there.

The large Boeing has been home for years to Bruce Campbell , a 64-year-old, a private pilot who flies smaller aircrafts.

“It’s genesis was sort of a slowly developing element,” Campbell explained. “As a kid I saw videos of aircraft boneyards on TV and the concept sank in early in life and that just slowly evolved into use of a retired aircraft for a home.”


Campbell’s aircraft abode is a retired planed, propped up with concrete pillars, and is parked in the lush woods just outside the Portland area.

“I do live in the aircraft and it’s equipped with electricity and water and sewage,” he said.

The pilot finds the 727 particularly appealing and the perfect place to make a home out of since “They are incredibly strong and able to withstand remarkable insults like high winds, dust and insects.”  Campbell believes that planes are among the finest structures mankind has built.

“They’re made of modern materials … for the most part they are worlds above wood in longevity … and they are designed with a certain sense beauty,” he added.




Although he has done a lot to the aircraft to make it a comfortable place to land, Campbell admits the plane is not a completed project yet, and may never be.  It currently only features a makeshift shower and just one of the restrooms is fully functional. The kitchen, he said, was “thrown together rather hastily” and consists of just a few random appliances.

Regardless of the plane’s current shortcomings in modern conveniences, Campbell is dedicated to his lifestyle choice and said he is also working to purchase another plane in Japan.

Plane 4

Plane 8

h/t: [ TheBlaze ]