(TruthSeekerDaily)  A young California teen is being hailed as a hero after he rescued a disabled man and a dog from a burning building on Tuesday.

Latrell McCockran, 14, was hanging out at a friend’s apartment when the building went up in flames.  Without a second of hesitation, this hero grabbed a fire extinguisher and headed towards the smoke. On his way there, he encountered a disabled man struggling to get out of his apartment to escape the blaze. hero2

“I saw the guy kind of stumble and it was like, ‘he’s out of it, he’s been breathing in all the smoke inhalation,'” said McCockran

McCockran helped bring the man out of the apartment and into safety.  But once the two were in the clear, the man told McCockran that his dog was still trapped in the burning building.  Instantly the young man ran back inside a second time to the rescue of the man’s four-legged friend.

“He said, ‘Get the dog, the dog.’ So I had to run in there a second time to get the dog, and as I ran in there to get the dog, flames started coming out of the room from the roof and the stuff just started to fall,” McCockran recounted.

Although McCockran is just a freshman in high school, he’s wise and heroic beyond his years, saying that it was an easy decision to save the man and his dog.  “I can’t sit there and let somebody die,” he said.

Richard Smith, 62, the rescued disable man and dog owner, cannot thank the teenager enough for saving his life.

Thanks to the fate that McCockran found himself faced with while visitimg a friend, a story that could have had a tragic end, turns out to be a tale of triumph.  Faith in humanity restored.

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