(TruthSeekerDaily)  While a group of firefighters were shopping in a California Costco to gather items for a Memorial Day BBQ, they received and emergency call, left behind all their items in the cart, then exited the store.  After attending to the emergency, they returned to the store to finish their shipping and pay for their goods.  However, upon their return, they not only found their grocery items still waiting for them, they also found a receipt: Someone had footed their $123.25 bill.

A note with the paid for goods read:

“Thanks for being there for us,” the good Samaritan wrote. “Have a good weekend.”  Signed, “Air Force Wife.”

The firefighters didn’t get the chance to meet their benefactor, so they took to Facebook to offer their appreciation for the generous gesture.

“Whoever did this, we are forever grateful and your kind gesture will not be forgotten,” the firefighters posted. “Meals at the firehouse come out of our own pockets and this was beyond generous.”

They also included a photo of the receipt with their post:


“During Memorial Day weekend when we should be honoring the military members and their wives and here she is honoring us as firefighters.” Jeff Ryder, battalion chief of the Vacaville Fire Department.

One kind deed often begets another which is exactly with the firefighters did when they decided to pay it forward.  They are each given $25 per shift for meals, but rather than keeping the money they saved from the generosity of the Air Force Wife, they seized the opportunity to pay for an elderly couple’s flowers they were purchasing for Memorial Day.

h/t: [ CBS Sacramento ]