(TruthSeekerDaily)   One of the oldest and most well known toys out there is the classic game of dominoes.  To play with them in a way outside their original intent, setting them up in interesting patterns to watch them succumb one by one to gravity, is a practice in patience.  The dilligence to do so can really pay off though, especially with the more creative one gets.

One man has made masterpieces out of his dominoes, just to watch his efforts unravel moments after he painstakenly sets up not just hundreds, but tens out thousands and these individual pieces.  However the art is not just in the patterns he creates, but the way they fall.  It’s unbelievably mesmerizing to watch and he has certainly earned the title of “king of the dominoes!”


A YouTuber named Hevesh5, a professional domino artist and aspiring filmmaker, designs and builds intricate domino setups and chain reactions for your entertainment and for commercial projects.Dominoes1


He started building dominoes in 2009, and owns over 32,000 dominoes. Today, he creates tons of domino videos for our entertainment.Dominoes2


Prepare to be impressed!  This video is incredible:

h/t: [ YouTube ]

Whoever said you can’t mix work with play has now been effectively proven wrong by the King of the Dominoes.