(TruthSeekerDaily)  There is a lot to celebrate when you hear of someone’s hard work at having lost 54 pounds.  But when that feat against food and exercise was achieved by a little Dachshund dog, one really takes note!  The once overweight Obie, is now at a healthy for his breed weight of 23 pounds.

Obie’s previous owners meant well and accidentally contributed to the dog’s weight gain.  To help Obie out, a Dachshund rescue organization took him in and adopted out after his elderly owners fattened him up with human food.  He found the perfect new home with a Portland veterinary technician Nora Vanetta, who created a “Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition” weight-loss program for him.

Vanetta attributed Obie’s weight-loss success to what’s healthy and proven for humans…nothing more than a diet change, specifically a high-fiber and low-carb one, along with exercise. Obie got the upper hand with his new human friend since she was able to feed him Purina Veterinary Diet OM, which is available only through vets.

“He was eating only people food before, so it took a little bit of a transition to get him on dog food,” Vanetta said. “Now [he has] two meals a day, a couple snacks and lots of exercise.”

Obie little legs were no match for his large torso and as such used to just barely be able to touch his paws to the ground.  Now living a new lean life, he enjoys vegetables and munches on carrots like a rabbit.

According to vets, fat dogs are the number one problem they see in their practices. The type and amount of food dogs receive, along with the tendency of owners to give them snacks, contribute to their weight gain.

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