(TruthSeekerDaily)  While on his way to work riding his bike to get there, a man rode up on a poor fox laying on the side of the road, dying.  The animal had been struck by a car and laid there, fighting for each breath and to keep his eyes open, while he shook uncontrollably, and his heart was beating out of his chest.

The man wanted nothing more than to help him, but looking at the fox’s condition he felt that it was too late and his time was rapidly ticking away.  At that moment he decided to sit down next the the dying animal and give him warmth and company.  Putting himself in the fox’s position, he thought it would be something he would appreciate in that moment.

The fox’s eyes closed one last time…and didn’t slowly reopen like they had in the moments before this one.  The shaking had slowed and all but subsided.  The man rubbed the fox’s head to comfort him.  He literally watched his last heart beat in his chest.



8 hours later when the man returned to the spot he shared with the fox in his final moments…the most incredible happened. The fox was still alive! Fox2

Somehow the fox had found the strength to keep going, and so the man scooped him up to take him to the closest veterinary hospital. There the fox is recovering and the rest of his story remains to be told!

h/t: [ WDYTT ]

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