(TruthSeekerDaily)  A 40-mile, two-day journey on foot is a feat to complete for anyone, but especially for one Michigan teen that did it with his younger brother strapped to his back.  Even more impressive was that he did this to help raise awareness for cerebral palsy.

Hunter Gandee, 14, started the trek on Saturday morning, with his 50-pound brother, Braden who has cerebral palsy, on his back.  The two walked from a junior high school in Temperance, Mich., to the University of Michigan’s Bahna Wrestling Center in Ann Arbor. Braden’s neurological disorder prevents him from walking on his own; but gets around using a walker, braces or a power chair.Hunter2

After the boys’ mother had a dream about Hunter carrying Braden from their home to Mackinac Island, Michigan, they idea for the walk to bring awareness to this illness was born.  They decided on a catchy name for the event, dubbing it “Cerebral Palsy Swagger”.

The brothers walked the first half of the journey, 25 miles, on Saturday.  A huge community of support consisting of family, friends, and citizens in the area, were there to cheer them on along the way.

Hunter, a 155-pound wrestler, said he prepared for the trek by lifting weights and staying active.  As he neared the finish line, he almost gave up.  He was just 10 miles from it but held in strong and crossed it with all he had left in him.

“There was a point where the chafing on Braden’s legs did get too bad, but we switched some things around and tried out a sling in a different way. And then I actually called one of my friends and he prayed with us. I think all of that combined helped us push through,” Hunter said.

At the finish line, the boys were met with applause and cheers from onlookers who anticipated their arrival at the University of Michigan.

“I knew he’d do it, and I had faith in him the entire time,” says Hunter’s mother, Danielle.

Hunter then lifted Braden up so he could touch the “Go Blue” banner created in their honor.

“Proud isn’t even really a word I could use; it’s way beyond that,” the boys’ father, Sam, said. “To me, it’s one of those things that can make a difference in the world.”

What Braden lacked in physical strength, Hunter more than made up for in heart, determination, and will power.

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