(TruthSeekerDaily)  At eight years old, this girl was told that she was terminally ill with a rare form of brain cancer and had just months to live.  Three years later, she’s still alive and has made a miraculous recovery.

In 2011, Claudia Burkill was diagnosed with terminal metastatic pineoblastoma.  The young girl had suffered from constant and uncontrollable vomiting, when her parents took her to the Dr to see what was causing it.  This was when she received the devastating diagnosis.Claudia2

Burkill began her fight against the deadly disease, determined to at least add a little time to her life that was being cut too short.  Over the past three years, Burkill’s parents Andrea and David were told that their daughter had just weeks to live on multiple occasions.   However, every time, she kept hanging on, just barely, but still made it to see several more weeks.

On the three year anniversary, to the day, that the family was handed the worst news possible, Claudia’s doctors called Andrea to let her know that her daughter was in remission.  This remarkable news was also a record, according to Medical Daily, who says she is “the first in the world to beat brain cancer.”

The girl’s mother took to social media to spread the incredible news, posting this touching message:

“Claudia is cancer-free and no longer classed as terminally ill.  A miracle has happened, it really has. I just can’t stop shaking. We had lived with a terminal diagnosis with death believed to be imminent for a crazy 694 days. Today is the very first day in a very long time that I can look into the eyes of our four stunning children and “know” that I don’t have to plan the funeral of one of them in the very near future. The mere joy of being alive today far surpasses any other single day in my life so far. There are no signs of any tumour, any leptomeningeal spread or any recurrent disease, anywhere.”

There are only about four cases of metastatic pineoblastoma diagnosed every year, and the survival rate is less than five percent. Claudia miraculously beat those harsh odds, and now, she’s looking forward to living a hopefully long and healthy life.

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