(TruthSeekerDaily)  The Hungarian capital of  Budapest outdid themselves one year with their holiday lights, creating an illuminated spectacle like none other.  Although the city is covered in festive holiday fare every winter, one detail they decorate really takes the town by storm…their trams, which are covered in 30,000 glimmering LED lights.


Definitely a pretty site…but not entirely unique, until….LED6


A photographer takes a picture of the tram in transitLED1

Using a long exposure photo, these trams transform into something much more surrealLED2

The lights in the photo create an ethereal cosmic vesselLED4


It looks like the tram now takes tourists on a time-travel adventureLED8




h/t: [ 500px ]

The visual journey these photographers have afforded is exciting, seemingly transporting viewers into a different dimension.  The world as seen through a lens is something magical and should be shared with others.