Have you ever had to use the bathroom so bad that you were willing to go outside in public? Well, If you ever find yourself in Mumbai; don’t even think about it.

Apparently, public urination has gotten so out of control around the city of Mumbai, that a response was needed to stop the public pee fest.

In a video posted to YouTube entitled ‘The Pissing Tanker’, a group of anonymous citizen vigilantes are seen cleaning up the streets of the Indian city, literally. Driving around in a giant yellow tanker, masked men are seen spraying any man who dares relieve himself in public, with a very large water hose. Their mission  statement ‘You Stop, We Stop’ is boldly plastered on the back of the cannon wielding tanker. They claim that they are cleaning up the problem of public urination with public urination, by way of the Pissing Tanker.

I just hope that if I ever find myself in Mumbai, I’m able to always find a bathroom in a time of a bladder crisis. You can watch the video below:

h/t [LiveFreeLiveNatural]