(TruthSeekerDaily) Libraries are most known for firs their books of course, but are also synonymous with being quiet, studying, and maybe even a place to meet up with friends or fellow students.  But just like book, don’t judge a library by the cover, because whats contained within them is truly truly awe-inspiring, as is precisely the case with these luxurious libraries.

These are not scenes from dramatic movies or prototypes of what libraries could look like in the future. Each and every one of these formidable rooms exist somewhere in the world. They are home to books, knowledge, incredible architectuer, and beauty… they aren’t your average public library.


1.) Beinecke Library 1a

2.) Iowa State Capital Law Library1b

3.) Stuttgart City Library1c

4.) New York Public Library1d

5.) The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County 1e

6.) Melk Abbey



7.) University of Coimbra Library1h

8.) Prague Clementinum (National Library)1i


(Strahov Monastery Library in Prague)1k

9.) The Vatican Apostolic Library2a

10.) George Peabody LibraryLibrary

11.) Zurich B2 Boutique Hotel3

12.) Admont Abbey Library4a

13.) Our Lady of Einseldeln Archabbey Library5a

14.) The Austrian National Library1l

15.) Trinity College Library of Dublin1m

16.) The Providence Athenaeum1n


17.) Stockholm’s potential future Public Library (architect’s rendering)1o


If walls could talk, these would have grandiose tales of incredible architecture, design, rich materials, and worldly travels.   They store and protect priceless knowledge around the globe.  People have spent centuries carefully building beautiful libraries, letting their architecture be defined by these buildings. Absolutely amazing.