(TruthSeekerDaily)  Craig Armstrong is a mountain climber has a big heart for abandoned animals, so when he was in search for a pet he adopted one from a center in Utah.  Little did he know that day that he had met his match and the two were a perfect pair for the climbing Craig loved to do.

Craig named his feline friend Millie and the two set out to the mountains in Utah for some climbing time.  This is when Craig discovered something truly unique about his companion.

“She climbed up my back and sat on my shoulders,” Armstrong wrote in an article for where he works. “It took about four seconds to realize we were now partners and would be going on many journeys together.”

Millie comes along with Craig on all his weekend camping adventures where they do a lot of hiking and rock climbing. Impressive for her size, Millie doesn’t have a problem keeping up.

“She literally loves to climb things … if there’s high-ground she’ll seek it out,” Armstrong said. “She’s an incredible athlete but steep juggy routes just aren’t her thing. When bouldering, though, she’s done some pretty amazing gaps and dynos.”


According to Armstrong, it took a lot of practice to get Millie to simply follow him and not be distracted and run off, as cats love to do, especially in such incredible country.  The pair got in some good practice for the excursions by frequenting local parks, where Armstrong regularly exposed her to the outdoors.


Not to be underequipped, the furry adventurer even has her own set of gear, including a harness for safety.  Millie is quite the mountaineer and Armstrong feels that she everything a good climbing partner should be.


“She never complains, no matter how bad it gets, and she always wants to go higher, and she pushes herself hard.”


Undoubtably, a feline friend also makes a great snuggle buddy on cold, high altitude evenings in a tent.  Please check out some of the pictures below of the thrill-seekin’, rock climbin’ kitty.








h/t: [ Distractify ]