(TruthSeekerDaily)  On what is the happiest day of a new parent’s life, the birth of their child, it’s unimaginable to think of the heartache that would come about if that precious life was taken from you just moments after you were blessed with it.

This is what Victoria Weaving-Shorrocks and her husband Richard endured, following a traumatic 15-hour labor.  Then their son Luke was finally there, but was received by looks of panic and dread on the faces of the hospital staff.  Doctors then informed the first-time mother that her son was dead.  Tears of sadness streamed down her face, instead of the tears of joy she should have experienced.


This was not the end of Luke’s story though, in fact it was the start of something miraculous.  36-minutes after he was born deceased, Luke began to breathing!  The newborn was rushed into intensive care.


Luke was weak and barely breathing when he was born.  The Doctors who delivered him, mistakenly thought he was deceased.baby1


As a first time mother, Victoria had no idea what to expect during labor and delivery.  Because her’s was long and traumatic, she believes that had the Doctors decided on a Cesarean-section early into her labor, Luke may have been sparred the damage to his body that ultimately caused his death.

This is tragedy nobody should have to endure.  Not only are Luke’s parent’s experiencing unimaginable grief, this precious child might have had a chance to live a long wonderful life had the situation been handled differently.  Please remember Luke by sharing his story with others online.


Source: [ Daily Mail ]