(TruthSeekerDaily)  Commercial restaurants on average consume and throw out eight gallons of waste every hour, yet one Chicago-based deli has found a way to only create that much waste every 2 years!

The owner of Sandwich Me In, Justin Vrany, became passionate about reducing waste and living and operating sustainability, as a child when at one point both his parents became jobless.  Meals in the family home were created from a single source, like a turkey, which would then be made into several different delicious dinners for the week.  Justin realized that they were eating well, while not throwing excess away, it was all being used.


Impassioned by his love for cooking and the environment, Vrany set out to combine the two when creating his own restaurant.  Many in the neighborhood his deli is established, have taken notice and with their appreciation for his efforts and concern for the planet, are making Sandwich Me In a regular choice in where they choose to spend their time, money, and meals.

The deli operates on renewable energy and uses only local meat and produce.  Every delicious item on the menu is made in house from scratch with wholesome ingredients.  Customers are eating well while not contributing to a cycle of waste.

The restaurant’s owner is more concerned with spreading the word about sustainability than he is about his business.  As such, in an effort to give back, he’s starting a free composting program this summer through his restaurant.

The positive impact to the planet that is possible if just a little effort was put forth in reducing waste is huge.  Justin went in all the way, with impressive results.  This short video shows how he did it and will likely motivate you to enact similar change in your habits.