(TruthSeekerDaily)  There is a generous game going on around San Francisco where those choose to participate could get a found envelope money!

An anonymous person has been circling the city in a clandestine type cash operation, hiding white envelopes that contain a $100 bill in each one.  The secret donor has appropriate titled the project “Hidden Cash” and tweets hints about the locations, leading followers on a wild goose chase, in the name of giving back.



The person behind Hidden Cash told The Bold Italic that they are a real estate magnate, and the purpose of this creative scavenger hunt is to give back “to the community that has made me wealthy.”

“I’ve made millions of dollars the last few years, more than I ever imagined, and yet many friends of mine, and people who work for me, cannot afford to buy a modest home in the Bay Area,” the person said. “This has caused me quite a bit of reflection. I am determined to give away some of the money I make, and in addition to charity, to do it in fun, creative ways like this.”

After each money drop, a tweet goes out from @HiddenCash with hints about the location of the envelope.   All that is asked in return from the lucky locator of the prize is that the they tweet a photo back to @HiddenCash of their discovery.

The anonymous donor describes the deposits as a “social experiment,” and that they’re worried about staggering wealth inequality in the city with the largest wealth gap of any area in the country.  The donor does not intend to end the game anytime soon.  They said said they’ll continue hiding money once or twice per week and that the project may be expanded to Oakland and San Jose.




Although this generous individual acknowledges that it will probably take more than a few cash-stuffed envelopes to address the broader causes of the wealth gap, they are doing their part to address the concern in a creative way. Nevertheless, it’s a clever, spreads the word about the issue that plagues that great city, maybe it will inspire similar ideas out of others that are financially fortunate, but in the least it brightens the day of some lucky San Francisco residents.


h/t: [ The Bold Atlantic ]