(TruthSeekerDaily)  The health concerns from soda, particularly cola, has been widely publicized within recent years.  How it reeks havoc on your body is truly of grave concern, especially with the quantity in which Americans consume the super sugary beverage.  There is so much acid in Coke that it actually can be used for many other purposes, none of which would make you feel it was safe for consumption.  Among these alternative uses is to dissolve rust, remove paint, de-grease engines, and clean toilets.

Recently, a new experiment has been done with the acid-ridden drink that will completely shock you.  The question that began this event, was what happens when Coke is mixed with something that is opposite of it’s acidic properties?  Milk is the perfect counter substance for this concoction.

Below is the step by step instruction to get a reaction you won’t believe!


1. First, start with the only 2 ingredients, coke and milk.


2. Then pour a small amount of milk into the coke


3. Let the mixture sit for six hours


4. After the waiting, this is what happens…Gross!


5. Odd looking muck starts floating at the top!


6. But at the bottom it’s worse…it looks like the contents of a garbage disposal!


h/t [ YouTube ]

This experiment provides more disturbing proof that what is in this popular beverage is not meant to fill our bodies.  If this liquid can react like this in a bottle on the counter, it’s unimaginable to thinks what it could do inside our bodies where we can’t visually see the results.

Here is a video demonstration of this experiment: