(TruthSeekerDaily)  Employees in the food service industry make for a great and convenient dining experience, whether you’re eating at the establishment or food was brought to you.  Unfortunately, all too often many of these jobs are taken for granted or under appreciated and their pay can result from that mindset.  Since servers and food delivery people’s pay largely depends on the generosity from others in the form of a tip, a full day’s work can really fluctuate in the amount of earnings they bring home any given day.

When one particular pizza delivery driver brought a couple the food they had ordered, he was in for a big surprise.  The bill was a total of $22.67, the couple gave him $23 and told the driver to “keep the change,” which would be his tip (earnings) for his services.  At less than a dollar of revenue to him, it was a let down for the service he just provided.  But then something amazing happened…


The delivery driver received this card the very next day:Pizza1

And although there wasn’t a cupcake inside, there was an equally awesome note:Pizza2 

h/t: [ Reddit ]

Although this amazing couple could have simply called the pizza shop to give an apology, they went above and beyond to show their appreciation for the services they received.  It’s refreshing to receive a nice gesture and is proof that there are caring people in this world.  Not to mention, a hand written note in today’s technology age holds so much more sincerity and meaning than it used to, which only adds to the sentiment of this act.