(TruthSeekerDaily) Something amazing was just caputred by Hasibul Wahab, a wildlife photographer while he was visiting Noakhali, BangladeshHe witnessed a brave little boy fearlessly risked his own life and showed astonishing bravery to save a helpless baby deer from drowning. 

The boy, called Belal and believed to be in his early teens, defiantly held the young fawn in one hand above his head as he plunged through the surging river: 

During the ordeal onlookers were unsure whether the
boy was going to appear again
baby deer1

The brave boy  plunged through the surging river to save the little deer
baby deer2

baby deer4

The boy held the young fawn in one hand above his head to prevent it from drowning
baby deer5 baby deer6

baby deer7

As Albert Einstein famously stated: 
“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
baby deer8

When he finally made it to the other side the locals cheered!
baby deer9

This baby deer lives to see another day thanks to the boy who saved its life
baby deer10 baby deer11

The baby deer was reunited with its family who were close by,
patiently waiting for a miracle
baby deer12

The incident took place in Noakhali, Bangladesh, when the young fawn became separated from its family during torrential rain and fast-rising floods.

Credits: [DailyMail]

This little boy definitely knows the value of life. Everyone deserves a chance to live.