(TruthSeekerDaily) Photographer Jimmy Kong has created an incredible macro photo series of exotic spiders found in his native Malaysia. These photographs are absolutely stunning (literally) in capturing the venomous detail of spiders in their habitat. They look positively alien and almost peaceful. Like hairy aliens from another dimension, these tiny spiders seem to stare with giant, all-knowing eyes into our souls. Whether they possess otherworldly secrets we may never know…

Some people don’t like spiders, and some may be afraid of them..

 But after viewing these amazing images you might think otherwise!

These tiny creatures may offer us a glimpse into 
what life on another planet may even look like.. 

It’s almost as if they are patiently studying us… oh oh


“The diversity of wildlife in Southeast Asia is full of miracles.
These miracles are all around us, but sometimes we just
don’t take the time to notice them”- says the photographer.


“Sometimes we have to take a closer look to appreciate the beauty 
and diversity of our planet and its inhabitants” explains Jimmy.

“When we take the opportunity to get to know our earthly neighbors,
we then gain an entirely new perspective of their world and ourselves.
They live next to us and deserve respect just as any other living being.”

They say that the eyes are a mirror to the soul. So together lets try
to see the soul of these little creatures by looking into their
mysterious eyes! I think that after viewing these pictures, spiders
will no longer seem so terrifying. And it’s likely that some of you will
even change opinions about them”  says Photographer Jimmy Kong.

I think  these are wonderful little beings and they deserve loving
just as much as anyone else.

What do you guys think?