(TruthSeekerDaily) Keanu Reeves is an amazing human being. Despite having led a pretty hard life filled with a lot of tragedy, he’s managed to not only be one of the most giving celebrities of all time, but also a man of good character. One of his famous sayings is that we should “be excellent to each other”. Leading by example, Keanu Reeves gave away all his earnings from The Matrix.

The 49-year-old actor earned $35 million from the movie. Being the generous star, he reportedly showered it to the special effects and costume team who he thinks are the unsung heroes of the film. The crew was estimated to have received $2.7 million each.

“Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries” he said. He added, “They were the ones that made the movie and they should participate.”

Keanu has also done the same philanthropic acts in the past. He donated millions to cancer research as his sister has suffered a 10-year battle with leukemia. During the shooting of his film in Australia, he also gave the stuntmen team a $9,500 Harley Davidson motorcycle each. It was reported that he took paycuts on the Devil’s Advocate and The Replacements just to work with Al Pacino and Gene Hackman.

Keanu is known as an actor who is not after money in doing films.

Source: [abcnews]