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(TruthSeekerDaily) Here is a bit of wonderful news for all truth seekers and environmentally conscious people out there! Biking is a technology older than cars, but it’s increasingly clear that bicycling is the transportation of the future.  The most advanced cities on our planet already use biking to get around, which keeps citizens physically fit and reduces traffic and pollution.

However, biking is not always easy.  During long distances, you can get tired – especially up hills, in extreme weather, or if you’re wheel info2carrying a backpack or other burden.  But a new invention, led by researches from MIT, is about to change all that.

Say hello to the The Copenhagen Wheel, a combination of battery and motor that is installed on a Single Speed or 9/10 Speed Free Hub bicycle, converting it into an electric bike with a range of up to 50 km (31 mi) and a top speed of 25 mph (in the US; 25 km/h in the EU). It also provides regenerative braking and Bluetooth connectivity and iOS and Android integration.

It stores the energy that you already use, and saves it for when you need it most.  Hills become flat, and you no longer have to expel loads of energy to get around.

h/t: [PosiChange]