hydro plant 1
(TruthSeekerDaily) A man named Manfred Mornhinweg found the modern world too noisy and hectic, so he decided to build himself a house on a quiet 40 hectare piece of land in Chile. Part of his project involved building a micro-hydro plant to generate electricity for his dream home.

This beautiful nature paradise  has a stream that provides enough water flow
 to run a small turbine and provide enough electricity to power the entire house!


The project took many weeks to complete 
but the reward, like always, is sweet in the end! 

Now that the four valves and the manometer have been installed,
the next step is feeding the water into the penstock

microhydro4 microhydro5

And finally, this is the outflow from the turbine, where the water comes out after
doing the hard work of spinning the turbine that generates the electricity.


For more information and pictures detailing the project, visit [Ludens]