(TruthSeekerDaily) Not satisfied with a standard plant in a pot, Norway-based product developer Daniel Zeller created this lovely desk that features a glowing terrarium within.




Zeller’s Terrarium Desk is intended to put us in a positive frequency, just as if we were taking a walk in the woods on a hot summer day. Using tempered glass and wood, the desk is functionally sturdy, but also provides a suitable habitat for select plants.



While the terrarium is located right in the middle of the desk — and accented with some soft lighting — there’s a customized storage drawer that pulls out on one side to allow easy access for watering.



Popular due to their low maintenance, terrariums are a great way to bring greenery into the home — all the more better when it’s used to soothe the stresses of desk-jockeying. More over at Daniel Zeller’s website.

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