(TruthSeekerDaily) At a time when housing rates are hitting the roof, an English farmer has gone and built a house for almost nothing. 59-year-old Michael Buck spent $250 to construct a small, yet cozy house in the garden of his Oxfordshire home:

The former art teacher drew plans for the house on the back of an envelope.
He didn’t need any special planning permissions since it was classified as a summer home. 



Buck spent two years gathering natural
and reclaimed materials for construction.



 It took him an additional eight months to construct it with his bare hands;
he didn’t use any power tools at all.


A lovely spherical pile of stacked wood lies outside

While a nearby well serves as a refrigerator

Complemented by a composting toilet in a separate outhouse

In creating this abode from the ground up, Buck wanted to show that a house can cost absolutely nothing to make:
“A house doesn’t have to cost the earth, you only need the earth to build it. I wanted to show that houses don’t have to cost anything. We live in a society where we spend our lives paying our mortgages, which many people don’t enjoy.”


Source: [michael-buck.blogspot]