(TruthSeekerDaily) Time for some wonderful news! We’re all aware that plastic is a commonplace material we use on a regular basis. However, it is among one of the most toxic and polluting materials we use today, Styrofoam, a certain type of plastic, is a $20 billion industry.

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It is used in disposable coffee cups, packaging, etc. Benzene, a carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemical, (1) is found in styrofoam. The Environment Protection Agency National Human Adipose Tissue Survey of 1986 discovered styrene residues (another chemical in Styrofoam) in every single sample of human fat tissue they studied. This marked the first time that they recognized styrene from food and other packaging could find its way into the human body (2). Not only does Styrofoam contain this toxic chemical, it also devastates the environment. It is rarely recycled and it takes over one million years for it to decompose. As anyone can see, it is not sustainable or healthy for us to keep on using Styrofoam.

Seeing the need to eliminate the use of Styrofoam, Eden Bayer co-founded MycoBond, a company dedicated to creating a 100% biodegradable material from mushrooms.

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It is called “Mushroom Packaging.” Mushrooms, nature’s recycling system, have been around for billions of years and help improve soil quality. When certain vegetation is unable to break down certain compounds from other plants, mushrooms come in and do the job by producing certain enzymes. From this, the mushrooms create a root system that contains the substance mycelium. MycoBond uses the mycelium as a glue to hold together the agricultural byproducts to create the alternative packaging product. Because the product is alive and grows on its own, energy costs are one-tenth the cost of creating Styrofoam.

Mushroom Packaging makes use of what we would usually see as waste, such as woody biomass and seed husks, and turns it into an insulating, protective, compostable, and fire/moisture/vapor resistant product. Styrofoam is usually carelessly discarded after the consumer unpacks their new purchase. With MycoBond’s state-of-the-art fabrication, the packaging would be able to be placed in the environment with no negative consequences and beneficial results. Since it is cost-effective, can be made anywhere, and requires very little equipment to produce it, facilities could be set up all over the world. Let’s make this groundbreaking innovation the future of packaging.


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