Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul have become the two most important voices in DC politics. They worked together during Rand’s filibuster earlier this year and during Ted’s filibuster this last week.

But the most important thing we’ve seen is personal responsibility and good character from them both. Rand Paul gave $600,000 BACK to the federal government from his office. He’s in it to cut spending in any manner possible, even his own office’s budget.

And now, Sen. Ted Cruz has made a similar announcement, saying that he will donate his salary to charity for every day the government is shut down.


Here’s what Sen. Cruz wrote earlier today on his Facebook account:

Harry Reid should not force a government shutdown. I hope that Reid stops refusing to negotiate and works with the House to avoid a government shutdown, and, at the same time, prevent the enormous harms that Obamacare is inflicting on the American people.

If, however, Harry Reid forces a government shutdown, I intend to donate my salary to charity for each day the government is shut down. Elected leaders should not be treated better than the American people, which is precisely why hardworking Americans deserve the same Obamacare exception that President Obama has already granted Members of Congress.

I think it’s fantastic. It’s a sign of character — it’s a sign of leadership. It’s not about personal gain, it’s about defending life, liberty, and property. That’s what we need more of in America.

I’ve heard some rumors that they’re considering running together in 2016. Quite frankly, that would be great news for a country in desperate need of leadership and in desperate need of liberty.