(TruthSeekerDaily) If you’ve never heard of an olinguito, join the club. This South American native is not mentioned in any books that you’ve read before. This little carnivorous cutie is the first carnivorous mammal to be discovered in 35 years!

new species

Hailing out of the raccoon family, the olinguito has evaded the scientific community until now. Amazingly enough, dozens of preserved bone samples had existed in museums across the US but have been mislabeled.

new species2

There is even evidence that one of these little buggers may have lived in American zoos during the 60′s, mystifying its keepers as to why it refused to breed with its peers.

new species3

If one can take something away from this discovery, it is that we should never think that we have figured it all out, or discovered everything there is to discover. Leave the imagination and all possibilities open and humanity will thrive.

Source: [thefreethoughtproject]