(TruthSeekerDaily) Pro Liberty activists have figured out a way to keep tabs on the NSA in probably the greatest way ever: the Adopt-a-Highway program.

An organization opposed to surveillance by the National Security Agency has been approved to “adopt” the section of highway running past the Utah Data Center, a move that would place the group’s protest-oriented name on signs outside the spy building.Protestors Demonstrate Outside The National Security Agency (NSA) Facility

As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, Restore the Fourth – Utah, a group opposed to the National Security Agency’s [NSA] civilian surveillance programs, successfully applied to adopt the highway around the NSA’s Utah Data Center, where email and phone records are  reportedly being stored by the government. The Fourth Amendment advocacy group hopes to carry anti-NSA signs as it fulfills its responsibility to clean litter on its 2-mile parcel of highway.

The agreement calls for Restore The Fourth-Utah to pick up garbage at least three times a year. UDOT would provide trash bags, orange vests and a sign representing the group that has adopted the highway. Redwood Road is also known as State Road 68.

Restore The Fourth started earlier this year in cities and states across the United States. The group maintains the NSA has illegally spied on Americans without warrants .

The group held protests on July 4. The Utah chapter started its protest on Redwood Road outside the data center, but Utah Highway Patrol troopers told them they were on NSA property. The protesters moved to the Utah Veterans Cemetery & Memorial Park in Bluffdale.

“We’re happy there are people applying to keep litter off the roads out there,” said a spokesperson for the Utah Department of Transportation, which is now required to put up two signs marking the territory as belonging to Restore the Fourth.