(TruthSeekerDaily) London-based photographer Carl Warner uses bits and pieces of food as the medium for his still-life photography landscape series. The detailed and intricate set of scenes are built entirely from ingredients: cubed fruits and vegetables, loaves of bread, fresh fish, and deli meats are just a selection of the edibles integrated into each setting. Heaps of crusty bread are reinterpreted as mountian-scapes, and spaghetti strands assume the form of a river’s tide.

Warner and his team meticulously assemble the culinary elements piece by piece, creating interpretations of renowned architectural structures, like the taj mahal and the great wall of china, human figures ranging from gondola drivers to cowboys, and vistas of sweeping vast deserts to a tiny tuscan marketplace. The video below exposes warner’s creative process during the making of one of his foodscapes, beginning with sketches of the layout of the overall scene, then identifying which food product would most closely and realistically resemble a part of a real environment:

Making Uncle Ben’s Ads from Carl Warner on Vimeo.


 ‘chinese junk’


‘the rialto bridge’


‘lettuce seascape’


‘cabbage sea’


 ‘celery island’

 ‘fishscape 1′