(TruthSeekerDaily)  Here is an entrepreneurial solution for the health conscious people who want to live a truly organic-GMO free lifestyle: rent a chicken! A newly launched chicken-renting website looks very promising as the ultimate “ready to go” healthy chicken lovingalternative to buying eggs from commercialized egg producing companies who barely have offer a 1sq ft of living space to their chickens.

RentTheChicken.com, launched by husband and wife duo Jenn and Phil Tompkins, from Freeport, Pennsylvania, will deliver two egg-laying hens, a portable coop, food and instructions on how to take care of the animals.

Mr Tompkins, who raises the hens himself before sending them off, told ABC News: ‘A lot of people are scared to get into chickens because they don’t know what to expect or where to start, so we try to provide an easy avenue for the customer.’

He and his wife raise the hens to between six months and two years old before renting them out, because he says maintaining chicks is much more difficult, especially for a first-time owner.

From to their website:

Why “Rent The Chicken”?  We provide all of the supplies you need with the rental:  portable chicken coop, two egg laying hens, enough food for the length of your rental, food & water dishes as well as instructions on how to keep your chickens happy! Within two days of the arrival, your chickens will lay eggs ready to use!  These eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fats, and 2 times more omega 3 fatty acids than store bought eggs.  Your Rent The Chickens should lay 8-14 eggs per week.  You will know exactly what your chickens eat! 

How does it work?  We schedule a time to bring to your home a portable coop, two chickens that are already laying eggs, and the supplies needed for your rental period.  Chickens produce the most eggs from May until November so during the last week of November we stop by and pick up the rented chickens, coop and supplies.  Starting in November we shelter them and protect them from old man winter.  As soon as May comes back around, we schedule a time to bring your chickens back to you and provide you with another season of rental.