(TruthSeekerDaily) Whenever we hear stories of people finding large sums of money out there a few things come to mind: Who are you people, wandering around with such riches? And also, it’s a good thing there are enough nice people in the world to find your stuff and give it back once you’ve inevitably misplaced your treasures. Like a homeless man in Boston who handed over a backpack containing $41,900 he found at a mall.money picture

Instead of dollar signs kaching-ing in front of his eyeballs and caviar dreams dancing through his brain, the man took the backpack filled with $2,400 in cash, $39,500 in travelers checks and a passport to police officers hanging out in front of a TJ Maxx store, reports CBS Boston.

He said he’d found the backpack outside the store, and gave officers his name and the address of the shelter where he’s currently living.

The Good Samaritan could only provide officers with his name and the address of the shelter where he currently lives, Boston Police said.

Officers notified store security at the South Bay Mall about the backpack.

Later that night police heard from a Best Buy employee who reported a customer had lost a backpack. Here’s where cops probably stroked their chins and said, “Hmmmmmm… a backpack, you say? Could it be full of MONEY?”

Yes, yes it had been, and everything is now right with the world. Until the next time someone loses something super valuable and the world waits with bated breath to see if a Good Samaritan will arrive to set things right.